A thought behind starting Expert Second Opinion. PVT. Ltd

A thought behind starting Expert Second Opinion. PVT. Ltd


Post pandemic era has made value addition to improve the technology reach up to the remote area of world along with linkages between towns and cities. Smart phones ownership are growing rapidly around the world. It is estimated that more than 5-billion people have mobile devices (Silver, 2019). Although, the smart phones are accessed variedly in different countries and they are easily accessed and commonly seen in developing nations like India. While the young generation knows better use of smartphone and technology and they act as a guiding source (along with Government Trainings) to assist elderly family members and non-techno friendly to use application-based technology. Today, only India accounts for 1.18 billion mobile connections, 700 million Internet users, and 600 million smartphones, which are increasing 25 million per quarter (Abbas, 2021). With this, Hello ESO see a huge potential to develop a more comprehensive health ecosystem with creation of more focused digital awareness and guides though the virtual/ online/ digital healthcare platform, Expert Second Opinion Services Pvt. Ltd. (HelloESO), a start-up established in Ahmedabad, with an aim to bring health awareness and provide second opinion to its users.


The philosophy behind launching Hello ESO aimed at bringing back patient trust in the existing health system and acting as a supporting model to disseminate right and appropriate advice and build patients trust and confidence. Moreover, the remote (online) monitoring of patients through teleconsultations for primary health have become a novel necessity of many countries to extend support in tough times. On other side, due to limited accessibility of services from specialists and super-specialists, the technology for patient with critical illnesses are still far away from the reach of a common man (‘aam aadmi’). HelloESO is bridging the gap between the patients and their doctors to improve the line of treatment with an inclusive approach. While the primary consultations are hard to avail, the patients and families have rarely thought of expert second opinion. Even the option for having a second opinion limitedly available left the patient paying extra pockets for the expenses of travelling, absences from jobs and hard time to get an appointment from specialists or group of specialists.


Why you should take a Second Medical Opinion? 

Before purchasing a home or a car, consumers are always seen having an epistemological understanding about the market trends, pricing and get an opinion from experts or from a user of the product/service. Similarly, when it comes to your health or the health of your loved ones, it is important that people are conscious and patient/s or their natives are aware about their own rights to have a second opinion. A patient needs second opinion in critical illnesses or before any major surgery for confirmation of diagnosis with details by experts, get an in-depth counselling for best possible treatment options, line of treatment, case management from the specialist. A study conducted explored the outcomes of second opinions at a general internal medicine clinic in an academic hospital highlighted that second opinions can resulted into new diagnoses (Burger, 2020). Of the responses from 173 general internal medicine patients, it was found that found 13% were being prescribed new diagnoses, and 56% started a new treatment based on second opinion.


Despite scarce availability of expert specialists in suburbs or remote areas, virtual second opinion solutions make quality of patient care more accessible. Robust digital platforms and technological interventions have ensured service accessibility, affordability and quick to respond to address patient’s concern from anywhere. Expert Second Opinion Services Pvt Ltd. (HelloESO) provides an effective yet user-friendly digital platform that connects the patients and doctors globally. HelloESO is neither a telemedicine nor a teleconsultation. It is a platform for Expert Second Opinion where the Specialists, Super-Specialists are available to provide second opinion about the illness and line of treatment at the ease of patient.


5-Steps Process to book a Second Opinion on HELLO ESO platform

Get an opinion from HelloESO, by just giving a miss call on 8010708007 from your India mobile number, one can get automated registration link via SMS from HellESO website www.helloeso.com. Post registration, patient or family member of patient can logged in and fill-up the information asked along with the necessary uploads (as applicable) including, the medical documents, any medical history and related worries or questions. Within 24 to 72 hours, registered patient will receive an expert opinion through in their online account and they will be notified on their registered email. Most importantly, the HelloESO online platform never recommends any hospital or specialist for treatment or any specific laboratory for investigations or any pharmacy to purchase medicine.


Steps To book expert’s Second opinion on HelloESO

Most importantly, the critical illness such as for Cancer Patients, the families are facing many questions or dilemmas, because of complexity of treatment; it is not reflective of a particular clinical manifestation and reduces patient involvement in decision-making to judiciously go for their treatment or resulting in the delay the patient’s treatment, thus affect patients’ health. Hello ESO is an initiative, provides timely advice and patients’ are the heart of HelloESO. HelloESO follows people-centered approach to consider patient need/s at the center of decision-making. It provides more focused medical prescription with a summarized response and ensure their patients are aware of side effects/consequences.



A digital platform- HelloESO provides a second opinion independently from its own ‘Tumour Board’ comprising a group of Onco-Physician, Onco-Cancer Surgeon, Radio-Oncologist, Pathologist, and Radiologist (across the globe). Upon receipt of patient documents, the Tumour Board discusses the case through virtual meeting and unanimously decides the diagnosis with details, line of treatment and schedule of treatment including variety of other treatment options (as applicable) such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy or surgery. Additionally, HelloESO also offer patient the option to book recommended consultation such as consultation related to lifestyle, dietary requirements, rehabilitation, leisure activities and counselling. The Tumour Board provides complete treatment protocols with plan of care and other specialty with cross references like pain management for Lymphedema, Colostomy care, tracheostomy care, dietician guideline and oncology & fertility teams with total protection in compliance to the patient privacy law.


Hello ESO is governed by its management from medical background and by its own honorary advisory board, comprising professionals from public health; information technology, hospital administration, legal, social sciences who will continue to guide the Hello ESO team and regularly review patient feedback to maintain continuous improvement in Hello ESO services.



One shall always play crucial role in their health care, and getting a right second opinion is important and is the patients’ right. Second Medical Opinion needs to become fundamental as it has the power to make a difference between life and death. If you or your loved ones are struggling to get proper diagnoses and finding it challenging to understand about the severity of their illness/disease. HelloESO is there for all of you to provide quick and right advice at affordable price.

For more information You can visit our website- www.helloeso.com


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